Online conference "Mother, Father, Child, Health - The History of Reproduction"

03.06.2021 do 04.06.2021

The German-Polish Society for the History of Medicine,
the Centre for Historical Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Berlin
and the Institute for the History of Medicine and Ethics in Medicine of the Charité Medical University
are pleased to announce
the 18th Conference of the German-Polish Society for the History of Medicine


online, 3–4 June 2021


Reproduction is a subject in the ongoing debates on “marriage for all” and “rainbow families” and has sociocultural implications with regard to medical progress, such as uterus transplantation, not to mention the decades old intense debate on the topic of abortion. The aim of the conference is to sound out the historical dimensions of these problems across a broad field where human biology, reproductive medicine, family policy, and government social programmes intersect with fundamental conceptions of desired or feared social developments which are projected onto religious and cultural ideals. Using the example of the changing political, social, cultural and scientific relations between Germans and Poles and the corresponding interconnections in Central Europe, a historical understanding of the role of medicine in the conceptions of family and gender, as well as of the role of relevant socio-cultural institutions and medical development professionals will be examined. The history of reproduction opens the floor for addressing fundamental questions about historical anthropology.

The conference was held in English and broadcast online via Zoom. 

All panels are available as live streams on our YouTube channel.