A Lost World: the Galician Shtetl and Siberia

Lidia Zessin-Jurek
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Series Focus volume 15

"The lost world of East European Jews meets the lost world of life under the Soviet rule. From the Galician shtetl of Mos´ciska (Mostyska)—now in Ukraine near the Polish border—the memoir follows a Jewish family through two World Wars, deportation to a labour settlement under the Soviet regime, through Central Asia, the Middle East, to America. These are the lost worlds that the author vividly brings to life. Holding onto Jewish tradition, surviving mass human rights violations. The vast majority of Polish Jews, who survived the Second World War, did so as refugees and deportees in the Soviet Union. Meier Landau and his family escaped the Germans from Kraków, but were deported by the Soviets from Lviv, along with thousands of other Polish—Catholic and Jewish—families. This text is a testament to the power of remembering—a poignant reading when war and refugees are present again where this real-life story unfolds."