A Forgotten Ally?

Guests: Prof. Jochen Böhler, Dr. Jacek Młynarczyk, Prof. Alexandra Richie, Markus Meckel
Moderatorin: Hanna Radziejowska
Inspiration: Markus Meckel
Jochen Boehler (Jena), Jacek Młynarczyk (Toruń), Alex Richie (Warszawa) and Markus Meckel (Berlin) will discuss Poland's role as a political entity during the war – the government in exile in London, the Polish Armed Forces in the West and East, the Underground State and Home Army in occupied Poland – as well as the European perception of this somewhat forgotten ally. The discussion will be held in German and English with simultaneous translation and will be moderated by Hanna Radziejowska of Pilecki Institute Berlin.
The event is organized by Pilecki Institute Berlin together with Berlin Center for Historical Research of Polish Academy of Sciences (CBH PAN) with support from Foundation for Polish-German Coop.